Rotary Dryer

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Rotary Dryer
Introduction to Dryer Machine

Dryer machine, which is also known as rotary dryers, limestone dryer, or cement rotating dryer, is the key equipment to dry different materials with humidity or granularity in various fields. According to its shape, it is also called drum dryer. China is one of the major countries to manufacture such dryer machines, and therefore, China dryer is the best-selling product in the world. In China, XSM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is the manufacturing base of mining machines, and our main mining products include China dryers, rotary dryers, and other mining machines.

Performance Features of Dryer Machine:

The machine mainly consists of rotary machine, raising plate, transmission device, supporting device and seal rings and other components. The dry machines in our company use the new-type raising plate, which has the functions of guiding, even flow, raising materials etc. The raising plate can make the materials be distributed uniformly to the cross profile in the dryer machine. The material curtain is at the state of thin, even and complete, with completely touching with the hot air flow to reach the purpose of making full use of the heat energy. The consumption of coal and electricity of the dryer in our company can be lower 10% to 15% than the normal dryers, with the production ratio higher than 10% to 15%.

Working Principle of Dryer Machine

The heat source of the dryer is coming from burning device, with this type of dryer adopting the heat ways of concurrent flow. Thus, the materials should be added from the feeding box and the feeding gutter to the cylinder. Since the dryer is put slantly, some of the materials are flowing to the trailing end under the gravity and the rotary force, other materials are risen by the shoveling plate over and over again to the upper and then being scattered to form an even curtain. Because of the continuous scattering, the content of water in the materials will be dried to achieve to the effect.

Notice of Installation of Dyer Machine

Before the installation of the dryer equipment, the place and the devices to be installed must be checked, in order to avoid other problems during the installation. The check should be made in the positional deviation of the pouring quality and size of the base concrete. The appearance should be clean without pollution, dust or sundries, The basic size and position of deviation shall meet the following requirements: the position between the size of appearance and the basic coordinates. The error between the vertical and the horizontal axis should be less than 20mm, with the different plane elevation errors less than 20 mm; the error size of inclination should be less than 20mm. Remove the protective coating when packing, dusting, greasing, corroding and so on. Check the breakdown and deformation caused in the transportation process of loading and unloading damage. Pre-check and pre-install the components to avoid the rework during the installation and ensure the progress and quality of installation.

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