Combined Magnetic Separator

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Combined Magnetic Separator
1. This machine is used for sorting 0.4-16mm grain size magnetic minerals. On the basis of the magnetic separation feasibility, through a combination of design, it put distributed beneficiation processes into centralized beneficiation processes to significantly improve the efficiency and grade of ore beneficiation.

2. The overall design of the machine facilitates modular production. Cage screen and belt conveyor can be installed and connected on the machine directly so that it forms a perfect dressing assembly line from conveying to the screening, from screening to magnetic separating.

3. Combined magnetic separator adopts permanent magnet system design, it functions stably, and the concentrate grade can be guaranteed.

4. According to the mineral particle size, the whole machine adopts left and right magnetic system design. Left part of machine ensure mineral optional granularity less than 2.5mm; beneficiation grain size is 2.5mm to 16mm at right part of machine; the mineral particles larger than 16 mm cannot enter the magnetic system for sorting.

5. The whole structure is simple, transmission part is bare style outside the machine body to achieve quick maintenance and overhaul in the production process.

6. This machine adopts electrical control technology to make production operation convenient and easy, at the same time improve efficiency and reduce the operator's labor intensity.

7. Classification hopper has adjustable dividers; the dividers are made ​​of stainless steel which can effectively guarantee the life of the machine. At the same time, it avoids rust to influence mineral grade. The delimited board can be adjusted flexibly and quickly fixed and plays a big role in production process for quality assurance.

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