production of artificial sand forms and machine

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production of artificial sand forms and machine

Because the disorder production of natural sand, in producing, storage, and transportation process will result in air and environmental pollution.

In addition, with the rapid development of concrete technology, technical requirements that modern concrete for sand is getting higher and higher. Especially high strength grade and high-performance concrete has very strict requirements on the aggregate, to meet the requirements’ natural sand less and less, even have not, severely restricted the development of high performance concrete.

Also, a large number of metal ores and non-metallic minerals, associated with about 20% of the tailings produced in the mining and processing, there are a considerable number of tailings not been reasonable used, large accumulation of tailings, occupation of land, causing environmental pollution, and if properly sorting and processing, and a lot of artificial sand tailings can be made.

Currently, the production of artificial sand are mainly three kinds of forms:

1, One is mining minerals, specialized production of artificial sand at the same time, which is mostly large enterprises (ie, annual output of sand and gravel more than one million tons);

2, One is producing sand with pebble in the river, or mixed with a small amount of natural sand produce mixed sand, which are mostly medium-sized enterprises (ie an annual 500,000 tons gravel), there are good and bad quality, vary greatly;

3, Yet another is the use of a variety of tailings manufactured, which is mainly about the limestone chippings or powder after crushing in limestone production line around. After a simple re-processing and screening, or direct use, which are mostly small businesses(ie, with an annual output 300,000 tons gravel, and even a few ten thousand tons), and the quality there are good and bad, very different.

To make artificial sand, our company supply you the related equipment, such as sand making machine, sand washing plant, sand dryer, conveyor belt, Sand and gravel separator, any kinds of crushers(ie, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, etc.), and so on. Mail to us, or you can click the chat online to inquiry our experts for free.

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