how much do you know about Open-pit mining

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how much do you know about Open-pit mining

Open-pit mining is taken directly from the surface of the useful minerals mining methods. Formed by a variety of open-pit mining tunnel called the overall open pit mine.

According to deposits buried the conditions and terrain conditions, open pit mine is divided into opencast pit slopes and depressions. Open pit mining level is located above the realm called closed circle open pit slopes, below the closed circle called sunken open pit.

Open-pit mining can be divided into open nonferrous metal deposits mining, open pit coal mine mining, open-pit iron mining, etc.

what does Open-pit mining process include ?

Open-pit mining process consists of the production process part and process systems.

Production process part including primary and secondary production. The main production part includes drilling and blasting, mining equipment, transportation, unloading rows (row soil and unloading ore), and auxiliary production process also includes equipment maintenance, power supply, anti drainage, and so on. Each of production processes, generally consist of several components, as part of the mining ore preparation, mining equipment, such as face lines transference, etc. Production process aspects mainly research method of operating various devices within each aspects, operating specifications and working face to determine the parameters, production capacity calculation and ways to increase production capacity, aspects the link between internal processes, aspects within the comparison of various equipment and other issues.

Open-pit mining process system is completed drilling and blasting, mining equipment, transportation, unloading rows (row soil and unloading ore) these four aspects of mechanical equipment and work practices in general. Process system examine the system from the general and macro perspective, discussion the linkages and cooperation between sessions, such as device type and size selection and matching, various aspects equipment capacity and number of matches, the system parameters established, system deployment and management, process system selection, etc.

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