XSM’s Customer Oriented Ball Mill

XSM is one of China's largest crusher and milling machine manufacturers, has the most advanced crushing and milling machine manufacturing technology. People around the world to provide the best crusher has been xuanshi long goal.

XSM's Customer Oriented Ball Mill

ball mill overview

The bearing type energy-saving ball mill adopts tailor-made rolling bearing as its barrel鈥檚 support structure, a new type designed according to a brand new concept. It has systemically resolved some problems like the lifespan and self aligning issue of replacing the sliding bearing with overloaded rolling bearing, seal problem under a bad condition as well as the cylinder running problem after a long-time work.

Advantages of XSM’s ball mill

1. Simple structure, separate installation of the feeder

2. Big feed port, strong handling capacity

3. Stable operation, short maintenance time

4. Adopting new-type bearings and reducing the energy consumption

tips for ball mill operation

1. Lubrication to make sure the ball mill to work normal:

When the ball mill is working, there are many parts touching with each other. To ensure the friction parts in lubrication is vital to the ball mill鈥檚 service life. Thus it will avoid the dry friction. It has been proved that the machine temperature will increase quickly in a short time; the heat will smelt the parts of the ball mill. Unfortunately, the machine will stocked even it can鈥檛 work anymore. Then we must guarantee the friction position have good lubrication. The oil flows to the frication part to cover the frication surface to enhance the movement of the machine. Oil plays an important role in the working process.

2. Good maintenance

Having good maintenance can ensure ball mill in perfect state, and exclude the unnecessary troubles in the working process. Every month鈥檚 maintenance is very necessary. You can examine the main bearings, barrel, reducer, gear, and hollow shaft. According to results, you can make a perfect plan to adjust the machine to ensure it in the best stable.

3. Other attention matters

Besides the above mentioned there are also other factors need to be pay attention. First of all is how to determine the speed of ball mill; secondly estimate whether the ball mill is overload; thirdly, examine the steel ball ratio.

Shanghai XSM Company has focused on the development and production of ball mill for more than 20 years. We provide the high quality equipment to customers and we also offer the ball mill maintenance knowledge to you. Welcome to consult us. XSM always puts you first and keeps you ahead.

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