Stone Crusher Plant Operation and Maintenance

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Stone Crusher Plant Operation and Maintenance

Main crusher operator

Operating the main crusher, monitoring and pulling stuck boulders for a free flow, and taking care of maintenance work. This task involves lifting heavy parts and pulling boulders from the chute.
Repair and Maintenance of the Main Crusher
Frequent shut down of the crusher occurs during operation and heavy parts are removed and fixed during this activity. This task is usually done as group work.

Removing spilled stones

After the trucks deliver the boulders on to the collection pit, the spilled boulders are collected and dumped back to the pit.
Leveling the Boulder Collection Pit
Boulders are dumped onto the collection pit by trucks and the heap of boulders are leveled over the pit in order to have uniform entry into the main crusher.

Cleaning work under the main crusher

The main crusher is cleaned at two stages. First, when quarry dust is collected during crushing from the pit below and the second to remove the falling and struck boulders from the pit below the main crusher. While collecting the dust from below the crusher, the workers are exposed to the highest and most hazardous concentrations of dust. Often women conduct this activity.

Tally clerk work station

The role of the tally clerk is to document the number of lorries dumping boulders into the pit. The clerk must remain at his post for the entire shift (usually 12 hrs) and a rest shed, as shown below, is provided for him. There is frequent movement for him in order to collect information when trucks arrive.

Maintenance work activities

Regular and shut down maintenance work is carried out on crushers, conveyors and other machineries, during which workers are employed to do work from heights, in cramped spaces, and hazardous locations.

Cleaning and housekeeping work around crushers

Cleaning the sites, including the removal of quarry dust and other debris and their transport to a dumping site about 200m away. Cleaning work also is involved in sieving the dust.

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