Price of a Medium Size Stone Crusher South Africa

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Price of a Medium Size Stone Crusher South Africa
Normally these crushers having than crusher i.e., one main and one particular secondary or one/two main & two secondary crushers along with a single or more vibratory screens are categorized as medium size crushers. The mined stones are transported mostly by trucks/dumpers and unloaded in to elevated stone wells. The stones are fed by gravity to principal crushers. The Crushed stones are conveyed to vibratory screens. The screened products of various sizes are conveyed to stock piles by belt conveyors. The oversize is returned to secondary crushers for further crushing and back to the vibratory screen. Such type of medium type crushers have a production capacity in the range of 25篓C100 TPH. These type of crushers are mostly located near to the bigger cities and in the vicinity of major construction projects such as Highways, Canals, Dams etc. These type of crushers are found in the States like Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, etc.

different available crusher for stone

Crushers mechanically break the stone into smaller pieces. Reduction in size is generally accomplished in several crushing stages, as there are practical limitations on the ratio of size reduction through a single stage. Crusher selection is based on rock type, required size reduction, output rock shape and production rate. Details on the different available crusher designs are presented below.
1.jaw crushers
Jaw crushers are usually used as main crushers. A jaw crusher consists of a set of vertical jaws, one particular jaw being fixed and the other moving. The progressive compression by the back-and-forth motion of the moving jaw breaks the stone. Jaw crushers operate best when fullyloaded but not flood-fed.
2.gyratory crushers
Gyratory crushers are ideally suited for high capacity principal crushing. A gyratory crusher consists of inner and outer vertical crushing cones; the outer cone is oriented with its wide end upward, and the inner cone is inverted relative to the outer with its apex upward. These crushers provide a product of uniform dimensions, can be flood fed, and may be started when fully loaded.
3.impact crushers
Impact crushers are ordinarily used in the principal and secondary crushing stages, are well suited for softer rocks and can achieve reduction ratios of up to 40:1.Impact crushers tend to wear faster than other crushers because of constant high-velocity collision with the stone.

medium size stone crusher

The medium size stone crusher mostly have their own open-cast mines adjacent or in close vicinity to the crusher site. The mining is done by drilling holes in the rock strata and blasting it generally once in a day. The drilling is done mostly manually or by mechanical means. The blasted rock boulders are at times manually broken to about 10 to 20 inch size so as to suit and are manually the key jaw crusher, loaded in to trailors or trucks. Mechanical Loaders are also used for retrieving mined stones and loading in the vehicles.

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