Machine – made sand’s main problems in the curre

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Machine - made sand's main problems in the current

Machine – made sand’s main problems in the current

1, Poor grain shape, flakiness too many, there is the problem of rock, but mostly caused by equipment selection. Many small businesses are using unsuitable jaw crusher or hammer crusher models caused quality problems, so choose professional sand making machine, the problem can be solved, and this area has mature experience.

2, Grade-allotment does not entirely reasonable, fineness modulus are too large. Most enterprises in order to reduce mechanical wear, reduce production costs, the production of Machine – made sand fineness modulus of more than 3.0, while preparing the concrete fineness modulus preferably about 2.6. In addition, the artificial sand gradation zone preferably two areas, at all levels of sieve residue must meet the standard requirements, but some companies do not know or pay attention this indicator, so that the advantages of artificial sand can not be reflected, in the stage of people do not recognize artificial sand for ourselves cause resistance.

3, Wash away the Lime issue. Mud powder is harmful to concrete, its content must be strictly controlled, artificial sand production and use should also note that removing soil, remove soil and laminated leather mountain soil. However, removal of soil must not be placed in the last wash step of particles smaller than 75μm. Because the Lime particles is less than 75μm, but Lime and natural sand mud has different components, different particle size distribution, and in concrete action is also different but lime to concrete is beneficial. Have adequate presence of Lime, make up the artificial sand preparation poor workability of concrete defects. Meanwhile, its incorporation to perfect concrete smaller than 75μm ultrafine particle size distribution(At this point, due to the natural sand production process constraints, the ultra-fine grade is little), or increasing compacting of concrete has benefits.

Modern concrete design philosophy is to emphasize the aggregate skeleton supporting role, and play the supporting role of aggregate skeleton, the most favorable condition is to make the smallest gap between aggregates, highest density, thus can play a role in improving overall performance of concrete.

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