Gold Mining and Sand Washing Machine in UAE

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Gold Mining and Sand Washing Machine in UAE

introduction of gold mining

Gold is extensively distributed around the earth; although large amounts are also present in seawater, the price of existing procedures for recovering it exceeds its value.Most gold is retrieved inside a metallic state in the form of dust, grains, flakes, or nuggets.It really is located, usually in association with silver or other metals, in quartz veins orlodes so finely disseminated that it isn’t visible. It is also found in alluvial placer deposits,that are worked by panning, dredging, and hydraulic mining.

working principle

When the gold and sand is fed into the sediment pool from the feeding device, the sand will turn and roll and grind each other to get rid of impurity under the affection of rotating screw blades. Meanwhile, the water layer covers on the surface of sand is going to be damaged and getting dehydrated. Meanwhile, fresh water is feeding from porous plates and types flood existing. Flood existing carry the impurity and waste and overflow the weir plate.Then,the clean and dehydrated sand is discharged in the discharge opening. Right after this processing, the sand is washed, dewatered and classified.In the course of this processing, height of overflowing weir plate and screw speed is adjustable.User can adjust them to recognize classifying and do away with the impurity and non-needed fines.

gold and sand washing machine

This solution is mostly for sand factory,woke-site of creating and concrete dam to wash,classifying and de-watering a variety of sands,your material is totally managed from raw feed to quality sand and grit output,with an quickly handled final waste.Crucial featuers, capable of sepatating even by far the most heavily caly bound every model is specified from a wide variety as outlined by customers requiremants.

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