Surprisingly sand – Diatomite

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Surprisingly sand - Diatomite

Diatomaceous earth (mainly composed of ancient diatoms microorganisms remains after death) is the main component of hydrous silica. In fact, diatoms is through absorption of silicon in the water to build cell walls, and diatomite is formed after the death of a large number of diatoms. Diatomaceous earth has a strong adsorption, in daily chemical industry, sugar industry and water purification industries and many other sectors have a wide range of uses. Nobel also took advantage of this feature diatomaceous earth, to produce a safe explosives. Silicon can form so many compounds, the nature of these compounds is so varied. For example, as long as the normal boron silicate glass, add a little can obtain a borate glass, and its heat resistance than ordinary glass greatly improved high temperature resistant 550 鈩.

Diatomite is really a chalky, sedimentary rock consisting mainly of an accumulation of skeletons remaining from prehistoric diatoms, which are single-celled, microscopic aquatic plants. The skeletons are basically amorphous hydrated or opaline silica occasionally with some alumina. Diatomite is primarily used to filter food processing items like beer, whiskey, and fruit juice, and to filter organic liquids for example solvents and oils. Diatomite also is frequently used as a filler in paint, paper, asphalt products, and plastic. The six-digit Source Classification Code (SCC) for diatomite processing is 3-05-026.

Most diatomite deposits are identified at or close to the earth鈥檚 surface and might be mined by open pit techniques or quarrying. Diatomite mining inside the United States is all open pit, typically using some mixture of bulldozers, scraper-carriers, energy shovels, and trucks to eliminate overburden along with the crude material. In most situations, fragmentation by drilling and blasting is just not needed. The crude diatomite is loaded on trucks and transported towards the mill or to stockpiles. Figure 11.22-1 shows a standard procedure flow diagram for diatomite processing.

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