Feldspar mining and processing machinery

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Feldspar mining and processing machinery

Feldspar industry development prospects

Feldspar is mainly used for glass, ceramics, potash fertilizer these three industries, so this “three industry” will determine the development prospects of feldspar industry development prospects, they are called “push feldspar industry Troika . ” And in recent years, glass, ceramics, potash industry event of the “temporary saturation” and “temporary loss”, making the feldspar industry to a “long stone industry shrinking,” the rumors, that has shaken the confidence of many people in the industry. It is reported that, although these rumors, “well-founded”, but is sorely lacking strategic vision, as glass, ceramics, potash fertilizer in the next few years will continue to grow, the demand for feldspar will greatly increase, it is expected that by 2020, feldspar size of the industry is expected to quadruple.

Urbanization glass, ceramic industry will achieve steady growth: wherein the glass industry is the current consumption of feldspar largest industry, and its consumption is about feldspar 55% of total consumption, ceramic industry feldspar consumption accounted for 35% of total consumption.

Population, food, energy factor will make potash fertilizer become a “strategic resource”: Currently, the feldspar consumption of potash fertilizer industry accounted for only 10% of total consumption, however, with the strategic position of potash fertilizer resources highlights, feldspar powder processing technologies mature and perfect, potash fertilizer feldspar system cost reduction, the explosive growth of the potash industry, will drive the rapid development of industry, K-feldspar.

Feldspar mining and processing equipment and machinery

flotation machine, circular vibrating screen, permanent magnet drum magnetic separator, rotary calcining kiln, dry tailings discharge, screw conveyor, aerated concrete equipment, efficient multi-frequency dewatering screen, jaw crusher machine, bucket elevator, etc.

Flotation machine:

Flotation machine that is floating concentrator for short. Completion of the flotation process machinery and equipment. In the flotation machine, pharmaceutical treatment by adding slurry by stirring inflation, so that some mineral particles selectively fixed in bubbles above; float to the surface to be scraped off the slurry to form foam products, and the rest is retained in the pulp in order to achieve the purpose of separation of minerals. Many forms of flotation machine structure, the most commonly used mechanical flotation machine.

Circular vibrating screen:

Circular vibrating sieve machine is mainly composed of screen box, screen, vibrators, damping spring device, chassis and other components. Using cylinder-type eccentric shaft vibration exciter and partial block help to adjust amplitude. Vibrator mounted on the side plate of the screen box, driven by a motor through V-belt rotation, centrifugal force, forcing the screen box vibrate. Motor through V-belt makes the exciter eccentric block produce high-speed rotation. Operation of the eccentric block with great centrifugal force, stimulate sieve boxes have a certain amplitude circular motion, sieve material in the screen surface by tilting the screen box to pass the impulse arising from continuous throwing motion, materials and process, to meet the screen surface of the particles smaller than sieve through the sieve to achieve classification.

Bucket elevator:

Bucket elevator is used for vertical lifting crushed limestone, coal, gypsum, clinker, clay and other dry granular material, as well as raw materials, cement, coal powder and other materials. Under the hopper to run different speed, bucket elevator can be divided into: Centrifugal discharge, gravity discharge and mixed discharging three forms. Centrifugal discharge speed of the bucket faster, suitable for conveying powder, granular, small block, such as a small abrasive materials; gravity discharge of slow speed bucket for bulk transport, a large proportion of , large abrasive materials, such as limestone, clinker and so on.

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