Concrete sand separator system components

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Concrete sand separator system components

Sand separator components:

Concrete sand separator mainly components by separation system, water supply and drainage system, transmission system, electric control system, feed hopper.

Concrete sand Separation system works

The Concrete sand Separation system used rows of holes rolling screen with the best separation effect currently, and configure automatic sweeping stone bodies and the most advanced photovoltaic automation control systems. The machine is not only able to disposable automatic separation of clean waste concrete’s sand, stone, Whey, which in the mixer, but ensure that sand, stone, water reuse, and sewage through three sedimentation tanks.

Concrete sand separator Advantages

Apply again and again into the machine to be recycled after sewage precipitation, completely achieved zero discharge of sewage, which saves resources, but also to protect the environment, truly embodies the machine design is reasonable, convenient maintenance, low power consumption, high return on investment, etc. It is the ideal mixing station saving products.

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